Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Final Five

All painting for this series are 16"x16"


"Tipped Embrace"

"Love Letters"

"House of Glass"

"Bind and Construct"

These are the final paintings I did for the show. I was looking for a new direction and decided to set some rules and see if I could make some paintings based on those rules. The rules were:

  • Set 4 things together in the center with two objects on top of two other objects
  • Include ribbon
  • Include folded or rolled fabric
  • Include other supporting objects
  • Light and paint.
These where, honestly, some of the most fun paintings I did. I love stacking objects that create interesting geometric patterns or shapes.

We have moved and are looking forward to the start of Med School starting the end of this month. I very much appreciate all of the comments and emails I have received from all of you. I don't think this has been an easy change for me, however, I have been working toward this goal for about five years now and am excited about this next chapter in my life. I know I will continue to paint and draw as often as I can and will post when I do.

Again, thank you all!