Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Cup O'Toys" - n/a

I felt very rushed while painting this. I had started my day late and I had to end my day early to go to my nieces birthday party. So, I don't like this painting as a whole. I think parts of it are nice but I guess it just looks rushed to me. I take frequent breaks from my painting throughout the day-which I'm sure most of you do-and come back to the canvas with fresh eyes. However, if that is taken away from me, my paintings tend to fall apart more. I tend to draw less accurately, and ultimately end up not liking the painting. So this ones not going on eBay, but I think its good to show that at least I painted.

1 comment:

Brandon and Nickole Dew said...

I actually like this one a lot, to me it shows your personality!