Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Ceramic and Red" - SOLD

As a general rule I never eat anything I paint (food items I mean). So, its kind of sad to paint these two garden tomatoes knowing I can never eat them.

I have posted some artists links below on the right. They are a few of the artists I know. I have taken workshops from Brad Slaugh, David Dornan, Paul Davis, and Doug Braithwaite. The Helper workshops are fantastic. John Erickson was my teacher in college and is probably my main influence. Zach Proctor, Lane Bennion, and Joseph Alleman are friends of whom I have also learned a great deal.

Anyway, check them out. They are worth your time.

Oh yeah, and sorry for not painting very much this week. We have been adjusting our schedules a bit and still working out the flow. Don't give up on me.


Jeff Mahorney said...

I just love this one. The reflections and the colors are beautiful.

Also Thanks very much for the links. I'm amazed by the work of Doug Braithwaite and Lane Bennion.

Bruce Hedges said...

Eat those good tomatoes -- they are a lot better than store-bought. Great painting, Aaron. I really like your work. -- Bruce Hedges