Monday, February 11, 2008

"Crooked" - SOLD

I would like to get good at painting fabric. I think getting the values in the folds right is tricky.

I had a tough time with this painting. I actually wiped it down and reset up my objects to get this composition. I definitely like this one better. I need to be more willing to start over. Sometimes when I start a painting I realize I don't really like it, but I keep going just to see what will happen. Sometimes the painting will turn around and be great but other times not so great. I think there is a point when I realize the painting is bad but will just sign it and hope for better luck tomorrow. I have a hard time wiping down a couple hours worth of work, but I am glad I did today.


mike rooney studios said...

love this one aaron. homerun my friend. check out Date with a match 6x8 on my blog where i respond to your comment. i dont know if they sent it to your email inbox or not. i had a question for you over there. also you can see the 18x24 of that one too.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i will try in vain to make a painting work because i did some tiny part of it I really like... I usually end up wiping it. :)