Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Apples and Jars"

I can't think of a good name for this one. I want to name it something like "house of mirrors" or "fun house". But neither seem to sound right. Help me out...(Next Day) Thanks Julian. Just to get things straight, the two apples are directly behind the jars filled with water, but they kind of do look like they are inside.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,

What about simply 'Apples and Jars'? I know that when you've used the same motif a few times it can get a bit complicated; 'Apples and Jars #2'etc. but simple is often effective with titles as with paintings. I also find the Chardin style of titles useful (a good fallback): "Still life with Apples and Jars on a green cloth". It's difficult enough being inventive with the paintings!

Ruthie said...

How about "Uptight" that is how I felt when I first saw the fruit in the jars...but then I am claustrophobic!!! Have a good day!
NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Kelly said...

Ohhhh I am such a fan of your work... I will hopefully get there one of these days. I love your style (so simple, but says alot). I am also studing at the University of Utah...its my first year and I am very excited to see where it takes me!

The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Hi, a bit new to blogging and came across your site, I love your paintings, so simple and great color, how about calling this one
The eggs in the glass dish is my favorite.

Joyce Washor said...

How about Inside Out?
Like your work!