Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Little Help" - SOLD

I have been trying to use less white lately. My paintings have been sort of high-key, due to the lighting in my studio. So, I have been trying to get a little lower-key. On this painting in particular I used hardly any white. I set my light back more, and that helped. But I also tried to make a more conscience effort to paint the darks on first and then come back on top with the lighter colors. I will have to keep going and see where this takes me. So far I think I am happier with this one.


c.g.young said...

wow,...just amazing.
So much art!
Just fantastic, i'm leaving inspired and reading to paint.


Frank Gardner said...

Works for me. I think it is a good one.

Solvay said...

I found your blog on Frank Gardner's My Paintbox.
I've been looking at your paintings -- at your spectacular talent in rendering glass and water -- for awhile, now, and thought I should let you know I've been visiting. You and a couple of others from Frank's list of painters have changed my view on the still life, which I always saw as nothing more than an exercise. But you and these other two have made me see that there is art to be made in that genre. I'm always grateful when something sets me free from an opinion - thank you very much for that!!! And, again, I really do love looking at your glass rendering - and at your color palette. Thank you for that beauty!

Anonymous said...

groovy piece - i like the colors