Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Red and Green" - SOLD

I actually like how this one turned out. As I was blocking in all my shapes, and got to this point, I decided to stop. I could have taken this further by continuing to modulate the color, redefining the edges, etc, etc. But, I kinda liked it in this raw stage. Hope you do too.


Kate said...

I like it that you left it too. You've got a very unique style that I've never seen before. I started looking at your blog a few month ago, at first I thought your still life was odd, but now I felt like you can see things that other people couldn't see. Well done!

basma said...

I absolutely LOVE this. and SO feel like painting right now!
I just stumbled into your blog, it's past midnight, I’m dead tired and sleepy, AND out of paint stock. NOT a good time to feel inspired I assure you!

how big a brush are you using?
i love the looseness has a lovely abstract feel.

glad you didn’t take it any further. its just perfect as is