Friday, August 22, 2008

"Applesauce" - SOLD

My son helped me title this one. I am not completely sure where he derived this title, but it sort of least for me.


Zachary said...

I think it is a great title...and as always...great work!

Barbara Muir said...

I like the title and the painting.
I guess the bowl would be just
right for applesauce.
Great work as always.


Pamela Nichols said...

Isn't it great how the direction of the stems change the personality of fruit, whether on grapes, pears, or apples . . .? A non-artist friend of mine didn't quite understand the personification I spoke of in reference to my painting, "Wistful Pears". I guess that's why he's a doctor and I'm a "starving artist." :)

Theresa Rankin said...

Just really love the simplicity!! Always rendered with such confidence.

milindmulick said...

as it has been said before
as always...great work!
good title..reminds me of one of mine called "tomato catch-up"