Monday, September 8, 2008

"Doughnut" - SOLD

I never seem to get too caught up in subject matter, or composition with daily paintings. Which is nice. Larger paintings tend to be fussed over... 'Where should I place this or that?'. I tend to move these daily ones until something small catches my eye, and paint it, realizing that tomorrow I can do something completely different. This one is certainly simple, but I really wanted to see how it would look with a bunch of space above the doughnut. And, tomorrow I may try something different.


Barbara Muir said...

Yum Aaron,

It looks like a glazed donut. Very
lonely. I hope it found a home.
As usual it's a wonderful painting.

Nice design.


Barbara Muir said...

I should have said delicious. I'm sure
the donut's gone now. It looks like you painted it the moment before you
gobbled it down.


Ed Terpening said...

I too love working small, ALS prima. Short attention span, I guess, but I think it's a great way to grow.

David Lobenberg said...

Not only does it look rich, but it makes me smile.

Kate said...

Man I need a do-nut right now!!

r garriott said...

Your paintings are stunning. Wow.

Theresa Rankin said...

Deliciously simple! I just love your work!

Anonymous said...

How luscious!
I like small. I've been doing 8x10's lately, but I just might try smaller. BTW, I like how you very simply broke up that big open space with color (and a bit of value.
Love your painterly quality!

VickiRossArt said...

dammitt, Aaron, of all the blogs I read, yours of all may be the one to convince me to commit to a daily painting! You are having way too much fun for me to miss out on!


craigstephens said...

Great colors in this one!