Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Blossom" - SOLD

Okay this one is the better picture. I hope the glass vase reads well enough. I looked at the painting this morning and I thought maybe I should have moved it slightly. The branch is off of our tree and the blossoms definitely show signs of spring.


Smiley Family said...

Now THAT is some good composition. Good work. (once again)

Sandra Pratt said...

Hi Aaron, I really like how clean your paintings are, I'm guessing you have a very clean palette and workspace as well :) Love the edges as well

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Aaron,

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but something was amiss. I love this painting. Lovely brushwork.

Take care,


dogimo said...

Very nice! Love the depiction of the blooms - staccato brushwork - the interplay between vaseform and pitcherform. There is a whimsy or humor to the overall effect that's hard to pin down.

At the risk of fawning, even your lower-left signature balances out and completes the warm peach-rose-gray business of the wall texture in the upper right. Now that's execution!