Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Attack of the Ants"

Well I learned some valuable lessons today....
Don't spit sunflower shells where you are painting, and don't wear flipflops in the mountains (also while painting) - The ants will attack!

Jeanie Thorn recently contacted me and showed me some great frames she makes out of steel. The frames are really great and the best part is they fit my painting sizes perfectly. Check out her site, and DO check out her other work as well.


Jeff Mahorney said...

Ha! That story is great! Ah, mother nature. I should get out of my comfy studio.
I love the snowcap brushstrokes. So nice to see some outdoor paintings from you. Don't let the ants get you down! :)

milindmulick said...

wonderful..another attack!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Aaron,

I was trying to describe this painting to an artist friend. It's so magnificent.

Take care,