Monday, August 17, 2009

"Lookin' Up"

I know that fraud has been around for a while, but someone just tried to scam me. I had a person claim to be interested in a painting, and wanted to send me a check for it. She also told me stories of how she was hospitalized and after a close call with a miscarriage, in an effort to make me sympathize with her. Similar stories can be found here and here. In fact if you ever think you are being scammed just highlight parts of the email and do a google search, these guys often use the exact same lines in their emails. She finally sent me a check for $2000. I then realized it was a scam and stopped communication with them. If I had put the check in the bank, they would have later told me they had paid me too much and would like me to pay them back the difference. They would have got my money, and soon after the check I received from them would have bounced.

These guys are bad news. So, those of you who sale your work, be careful. ;)


Anonymous said...

love it!

JacMac said...

Good to know, thanks for sharing that information. It amazes me how many criminal minds are out there in the world feeding off innocent people.

Suzé Gilbert said...

Who would have thought that now artists are being targeted? Good for you that your spidey sense alerted you and thanks for sharing this, seller beware! Glad you were not out a painting or any money.

Jeff Mahorney said...

Aaron, I am loving your flowers lately! :)
I used to get mifted that someone would try to rip off artists, then I just got used to it. Yup, nobody is above scams. I get them relatively often and I've learned that if something sounds a little weird, it usually is a scam. Unless I know the person, I only go through paypal (they take all cards and now checks).

Jeff Mahorney said...

Aaron, I thought you might want to check this out (re: art scammers):

Jack said...

Nice painting..i just love it..but be careful about the bad things that is happening

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