Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Ceramic and Green" - SOLD

The thing I like about painting daily (or at least trying to) is that we can have a fresh start everyday. There are so many times where I will put on the final brush stroke and think why in the world did I use brown for my background.


Carol Marine said...

That is sooo funny, Aaron! I, the viewer see this painting as a masterpiece. You, the artist, see all the decisions you made along the way and how each one of them could have been different. I would never look at it and say, "that would be so much better if you background were ... blue" but I would about my own paintings. --- Nice one, as usual.


Hello, Aaron. You're a terrific painter! I admire your sense of design and direct handling of paint. Glad to see you posting again. I'm trying to get a blog up on blogger and start posting my paintings, too, but I'm having nothing but trouble figuring out how to get beyond the basic post format. ;/ Keep up the great work.


Jiddje said...

I agree with Carol here. We don't know what you think and what you're decisions are. I think the brown colour fits just fine! But I know what you mean though. I havee a lot of those questions myself when I am painting. But when you look at your painting a couple of days later, I guess youre questions are gone and say it's all right. Nice painting though. Excellent work you have.