Friday, September 7, 2007

"Teapot and Tomato" - SOLD

This is another ceramic masterpiece made by my sister. I really like the blue in this. The cool breaks up the warms and gives more interest in the painting overall. The handle was extremely hard to paint, I think it was moving.

Here is a funny story. I was in the store the other day picking out a variety of peppers and other fruits and veggies that caught my eye. I took my strange assortment of object to pay and the cashier asked what I was planning on doing with what seemed like odd ingredients. I said, "I'm going to paint them". She just stopped and gave me the strangest look and then said, "Well, have fun with that".

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Jeff Mahorney said...

Ha! I love that story. Kinda the same thing I get from my wife. She thinks it's wierd to look at fruit to paint and not as something to consume. Perhaps she's just tired of finding her apples in my studio.

Love the painting. The negative shapes are fun and your highlights great.