Friday, September 28, 2007

"Tomato and Green" - SOLD

I realize I am in need of some new painting material. The green glass was fun to paint. Maybe I'll get some more tinted glass.

I seem to go back to certain colors more often than others on my pallet. Even when I do not have that color in my painting I will find some way to use it in a mixture. The color I use the most (and buy the most frequently) is cadmium lemon yellow. All of my other colors can go dry and useless but cad lemon is always fresh. I use a fair amount of viridian as well. So, I am actually very curious about the colors others use most frequently.


kim shields said...

that's so funny,I don't use either one of those colors at all. I use cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue the most.

JacMac said...

I love the way you paint glass, and I admire the clarity of your colors. I don't seem to favor one color over another, but I am curiuos if you use a medium and if so, what it is.

Debbie Miller said...

I love your glass too.
My 'go-to' colors are naples yellow,cerulean blue and cad red light.

Anonymous said...

great piece. i like the colors and that smooth surface.