Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Taken" - SOLD

Painting really is a crazy juggle. It's hard to figure out all of the components that go into a successful painting every time. I was telling a friend the other day that I seem to really only like about a third of my paintings. He didn't seem to think these were bad odds.


Marilyn said...

Hi Aaron. It's ok to tell your friends if you don't like many of your paintings, but not a good idea to share it with potential buyers. It gives them a reason to question their judgment when considering making a bid. Your work is beautiful. I love your linear compositions. And, you really know how to paint glass. Sometimes I think you could punch your values more. Keep up the good work.

Frank Gardner said...

I only like about 70% of mine. Maybe 60%. But I only offer for sale the ones I think are succesful. The others get wiped, trashed or thrown in the pile.
I think that culling out the weak ones is important.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I really enjoy your paintings, Aaron! I remember going to a lecture by Wolf Kahn and he said he only likes 'one in three' of his paintings. Another 'one in three' gets hung on the studio wall for up to a year so he could see it 'fresh' every day, and perhaps the 'fix' to it would come to him, the remaining 'one in three' - wipe down! So you're not in bad company! I'm still at the 'one in six' stage - if I'm lucky!

Marie Fox said...

I wish I could remember which major artist it was...perhaps Cezanne...but I do recall my sense of relief when I read that he too liked only 30% of his art work. That exact percentage stuck in my head. Now when I look at my paintings and like 3 out of 10, it feels okay. And sometimes a collector will absolutely love a piece in my 10% "how was this ugly (or worse, boring) painting born of my brush?" category.

Anonymous said...

this is a wicked piece.. i'm jealous

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just posted one that could've been a wiper from frustration or a throw away. I thought, just be brave and put it up. So I did.
I think the 30%,60%,10% is fairly accurate. What happens in the 60% is the painting might be good for someone else but if I haven't achieved my own expectations. I don't like it.
I have learned to keep that pretty much to myself though, as over the years I've sold those same painting s to people who loved them. That also demonstrates my inability to judge my own work.
I love your paintings. I want to be looser like you are. Deceptively simple looking.