Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Apples with Bowl" - SOLD

My creativity with titles is gone for the day. But, this painting was fun, it actually reminds me of some of my work while I was is college. One of the things I learned in college was to memorize my position with respect to what I was painting or drawing. I would try and always reference a still object, like the corner of my easel with another mark in the room, so that my eyes were always in the same spot. Drawing becomes so much easier if things don't move around, including your eyes.


Barbara Muir said...

A super painting -- the same wintry
indoor light from another angle.
Also I love it when you talk about
your technique. Can't get enough of
that because the results are always

I tape my position, the easel's position, the posing chair on the floor, and the model's position on the chair. That helps.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's a good hint about how to keep from altering one's eyes, however slightly.
I look through a viewfinder as I paint the intitial block in and I do find that I must reposition it, frequently.
Your work has crispness and depth. Very nice.

Terry Daniels said...

I wonder then, if I'm not the only one who's too burned out to think of a fun title at the end of the painting day?

I do a variety of things about head position. I learned early not to try and put my viewpoint in an unusual or strained position to start with, and not to set up too close to the subject. And of course make note of references as you mentioned, and aligning through viewfinders. I use a variety of methods in combination.

adebanji said...

Simply beautiful!