Monday, October 27, 2008

"Odd Ball" - SOLD

I wanted to work with some stronger colors today...and I did. The fabric on the table top was very hard to match because of its brightness and color saturation. Every time I added white (or yellow) I lost color strength, and every time I added more cobalt the value became too dark. Just one more example how cool our eyes are, and how limiting our paints can be. But I like how it turned out.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I LOVE how it came out. I also love the chunky brush strokes. I hear you about losing the saturation. Do you ever give in and pick up a tube of, say Holbein Light Blue Violet or something instead of the mixing? I'm tempted. Karen Jurick uses SIXTY colors on her palette!

Nice piece, you did a great job with the glass, too!

Barbara Muir said...

I wish I could have shown this to my
friend at class tonight. We would have marveled together about that brilliant flash of dark green on the edge of the bottle.

Yes! You are great.


Diane Hoeptner said...

WOWEE. LOVE this one!!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Aaron,
I hear you. Every now and then I see a color that seems impossible to mix, at least from a limited palette. I suppose there is a tube color out there somewhere with a weird enticing name. I've read you can't mix a color brighter than the mfg. makes it. At any rate, your results are stunning and the viewer would never know your struggle. Painting is about relationships and you nailed it.I haven't watched your blog in a while. May I add your name to my favorites list? love your work!