Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Three Apples" - SOLD

I wanted to get some more landscape painting done, but it was too windy this morning for any outdoor painting. I don't mind working in the cold, but wind is too hard to work with. I know a painter who actually build an easel that hooks onto his steering wheel so he never has to leave the comfort of his car when painting. Which is really a cool idea. He just backs his car into a nice spot on the road, turns on his heater, and paints. Hmmmmm....I think I need to build something like that.


brian said...

Beautiful. Great composition, and the white bowl gives such a nice contrast against the blue back ground and the red apples. Another winner, you are amazing.

Barbara Muir said...

I like how some of the colour from
the landscapes has come into this
still life. The table under the bowl
suggests cold weather. The apples
and white bowl talk about the pleasures of good food on a cold day.