Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Thirsty" - SOLD

I found this great little glass pitcher and have been trying to get it in a painting. It is a shorter one, and I really liked the strong shape it has. I think I will try painting it again, and see if I can get all of it on the canvas next time.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Aaron,

I had a teacher who said that a work should go off the canvas in three places, and you've done exactly that.
In portraits it disturbs people if the head goes off the top of the painting, but I almost always do that,
and an elbow, and something else. Not even on purpose. Another absolute beauty.

Take care,


Mary Bullock said...

Yes, I like how the apples are not completely on the canvas. And Barbara - that is a good piece of advice - I'll have to keep that in mind. Great job Aaron - the apples look so crisp and shiny.
The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

Daniel Corey said...

Great palette (mixes) on this.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your angular strokes and the reflective out of focus quality.